Tweet (Status) Fetch API

This is the main FixTweet API. It provides anyone access to the same exact data we use to generate FixTweet embeds for users, but in an easy-to-digest format for working with your existing scripts. It includes information based on Twitter APIs, including some data not accessible using Twitter’s public API. Furthermore, unlike Twitter you don’t need an API key, and there are no strict rate limits (but please be nice!)

All options appended with ? are optional.

Status API Endpoint

  • screen_name - The screen name (@ handle) of the tweet, which is ignored

  • id - The ID of the status (tweet)

  • translate_to? - 2 letter ISO language code of the language you want to translate the tweet into

Returns a JSON object. Here is a sample:

    "code": 200,
    "message": "OK",
    "tweet": {
        "url": "",
        "id": "1580661436132757506",
        "text": "a hit Tweet",
        "author": {
            "id": "783214",
            "name": "Twitter",
            "screen_name": "Twitter",
            "avatar_url": "",
            "avatar_color": "#10A3FF",
            "banner_url": ""
        "replies": 4675,
        "retweets": 2422,
        "likes": 43852,
        "color": "#717577",
        "twitter_card": "summary_large_image",
        "created_at": "Thu Oct 13 20:47:08 +0000 2022",
        "created_timestamp": 1665694028,
        "possibly_sensitive": false,
        "views": null,
        "lang": "en",
        "replying_to": null,
        "replying_to_status": null,
        "media": {
            "photos": [{
                "type": "photo",
                "url": "",
                "width": 118,
                "height": 122,
                "altText": "a heart that represents the Twitter like button with ten likes"
        "source": "Twitter for iPhone"

If it’s successful, it will return 200 (message: OK), but can return 401 (message PRIVATE_TWEET), 404 (message NOT_FOUND), or 500 (message API_FAIL)


The container of all the information for a Tweet

Core attributes

  • id string - Status (Tweet) ID

  • url string - Link to original Tweet

  • text string - Text of Tweet

  • created_at string - Date/Time in UTC when the Tweet was created

  • created_timestamp number - Seconds since UNIX epoch of when Tweet was created

  • color string - Dominant color pulled from either Tweet media or from the author’s profile picture.

  • lang string | null - Language that Twitter detects a Tweet is. May be null is unknown.

  • replying_to string | null - Screen name of person being replied to, or null

  • replying_to_status string | null - Tweet ID snowflake being replied to, or null

  • twitter_card ('tweet' | 'summary' | 'summary_large_image' | 'player') - Corresponds to proper embed container for Tweet, which is used by FixTweet for our official embeds.

  • author APIAuthor - Author of the tweet

  • source string - Tweet source (i.e. Twitter for iPhone)

Interaction counts

  • likes number - Like count

  • retweets number - Retweet count

  • replies number - Reply count

  • views number | null - View count, returns null if view count is not available (i.e. older Tweets)


  • quote? APITweet - Nested Tweet corresponding to the tweet which this tweet is quoting, if applicable

  • poll? APIPoll - Poll attached to Tweet

  • translation? APITranslate - Translation results, only provided if explicitly asked

media? { - Containing object containing references to photos, videos, or external media
    external? APIExternalMedia - Refers to external media, such as YouTube embeds
    photos? `APIPhoto`_​[] - An Array of photos from a Tweet
    videos? `APIVideo`_​[] - An Array of videos from a Tweet
    mosaic? `APIMosaicPhoto`_ - Corresponding Mosaic information for a Tweet


Information about the author of a tweet

  • name string - Name of the user, set on their profile

  • screen_name string - Screen name or @ handle of the user.

  • avatar_url? string - URL for the user’s avatar (profile picture)

  • avatar_color? string - Palette color corresponding to the user’s avatar (profile picture). Value is a hex, including #.

  • banner_url? string - URL for the banner of the user


Information about a requested translation for a Tweet, when asked.

  • text string - Translated Tweet text

  • source_lang string - 2-letter ISO language code of source language

  • target_lang string - 2-letter ISO language code of target language


Data for external media, currently only video.

  • type string - Embed type, currently always video

  • url string - Video URL

  • height number - Video height in pixels

  • width number - Video width in pixels

  • duration number - Video duration in seconds


Data for a poll on a given Tweet

  • choices `APIPollChoice`_​[] - Array of the poll choices

  • total_votes number - Total votes in poll

  • ends_at string - Date of which the poll ends

  • time_left_en string - Time remaining counter in English (i.e. 9 hours left)


Data for a single choice in a poll

  • label string - What this choice in the poll is called

  • count number - How many people voted in this poll

  • percentage number - Percentage of total people who voted for this option (0 - 100, rounded to nearest tenth)


Data for a single photo in a Tweet

  • type ‘photo’ - This can help compare items in a pool of media

  • url string - URL of the photo

  • width number - Width of the photo, in pixels

  • height number - Height of the photo, in pixels


Data for the mosaic service, which stitches photos together

  • type ‘mosaic_photo’ - This can help compare items in a pool of media

  • width number - Width of the photo, in pixels

  • height number - Height of the photo, in pixels

formats { - Pool of formats, only jpeg and webp are returned currently
    webp string - URL for webp resource
    jpeg string - URL for jpeg resource


Data for a Tweet’s video

  • type ‘video’ | ‘gif’ - Returns video if video, or gif if gif. Note that on Twitter, all GIFs are MP4s.

  • url string - URL corresponding to the video file

  • thumbnail_url string - URL corresponding to the thumbnail for the video

  • width number - Width of the video, in pixels

  • height number - Height of the video, in pixels

  • format string - Video format, usually video/mp4